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Three player basketball tactics

My knee is swollen after playing basketball Yunnan Baiyao powder oral

2022-06-24 02:52Three player basketball tactics
Summary: I sprained my knee when I was playing basketball. Now it is swollen. It is hot pressed for 48 hours, andTake medicine and spray medicine to control the movement of affected limbs. Rest for 2 weeks. Yu
I sprained my knee when I was playing basketball. Now it is swollen. It is hot pressed for 48 hours, and
Take medicine and spray medicine to control the movement of affected limbs. Rest for 2 weeks. Yunnan Baiyao (powder) is taken orally and Yunnan Baiyao aerosol is used externally. Cold compress within 48 hours after injury, and hot compress after more than 48 hours. Never rub it. Of course, the most sure thing is to go to the hospital to check whether there is a fractureExcuse me, my knee has been swollen because of playing basketball and jumping too high. It even hurts my heel
Answer: Problem Analysis: in thiMy knee is swollen after playing basketball  Yunnan Baiyao  powder orals case, knee sports injury may cause swelling and pain. Considering that it may be related to soft tissue injury and congestion, local physiotherapy can be carried out. Blood activating, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs can be used for observation. If necessary, films can be taken for examination. Suggestions: it is recommended to have a light diet, strengthen nutrition, pay attention to rest, apply local cold compress in the early stage of injury, and apply Yunnan Baiyao aerosol and Dieda pillMy boyfriend's knee is swollen when he is playing basketball. When he jumps up and falls down, his feet stand in the same position as
Knee joint injury is quite common in basketball activities, such as emergency stop and start, external force impact, etc., which are very easy to cause knee joint injury and need to be paid attention to. Let's first look at the causes and types of common knee injuries -
How did you do if your knee was injured and swollen by playing ball
Traumatic injury and soft tissue injury (sprain, strain, contusion and bruise): directly use the traditional Chinese medicine Jiegu powder for external application. It is locally administered, so that the medicine can quickly penetrate into the damaged parts, quickly relieve pain and swelling, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, connect bones and tendons, achieve the treatment purpose, and it is safe and reliable. If conditions permit, it should be the first choiceHow did knee swelling do after two consecutive basketball games
Basketball, as a strongly antagonistic running and jumping sport, has a great load on people's knees and ankles. It needs to warm up in advance and recover after the game. In this case, you may have hydrops in your knee. You can first cover it with ice to reduce the swelling, and massage it by professionals. In serious cases, you should pump the hydrops. Stretch, jog and twist your knees before your next exerciseYesterday I played ball and jumped up. When I landed, my legs were straight and my knees were forced back. Now I am swollen and can stretch slowly
Answer: Problem Analysis: it is recommended to use topical drugs, such as dog skin cream, which can be applied externally to relax tendons and activate blood circulation, reduce swelling and pain, promote blood circulation and disperse silt, protect synovium, improve nutritional status, reduce inflammatory exudation, and promote absorption of joint fluid, so as to relieve joint stiffness, edema and painI sprained when I jumped up when playing basketball. My knee was swollen. It's nothing to film. I have been playing basketball for threeorfour years now and then
If you don't move, it's sure that the position is easy to twist again. You must be aware of everything you play. You must be aware of every take-off and breakthrough, and you will form a habit. It can be seen that there is a lot of joint friction, so warm-up is particularly important. Many people didn't do this, so they fell injured. I wish you a speedy recovery. Remember a lesson, health is very important, NoWhy does the knee swell after playing basketball
General non professional players will have swollen knees after playing the ball. The reasons may be: 1. Your weight is too large, which oppresses your knees. 2: The playing time is too long and violent, with local joint strain. 3: Your knee is inflamed. 4: You have water on your knees. 5: There is something wrong with your knee cartilage. The solution is to apply ice after the game. GoI was playing basketball with my knees flashing. The next morning, my knees were swollen. How can I be quick
After 24 hours, apply hot compress to reduce activities as much as possible. After detumescence, perform functional exercise and gradually strengthen strength exercise to promote functional recovery. However, do not be too hasty. This is a soft tissue injury that needs about two months to fully recoverWhat reason is playing basketball knee swollen still can some ache
It may be excessive exercise. Just rest for a few days. However, if it is not good for a few days, you should pay attention. It may be rheumatism. You should pay attention to keeping warm, but this problem usually does not occur. Generally, the load on the knee after exercise is too large. When jumping up and falling down, you should use your toes instead of your whole feet
My knee is swollen after playing basketball Yunnan Baiyao powder oral

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