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Three player basketball tactics

What if you can't play basketball with the ball

2022-06-23 02:34Three player basketball tactics
Summary: What if you are slow to respond in basketballHave good insight. Also, you should play seriously and look at the position of the ball on the court. The last and timely movement is the most important. G
What if you are slow to respond in basketball
Have good insight. Also, you should play seriously and look at the position of the ball on the court. The last and timely movement is the most important. Get rid of the defender and avoid the interference of the defender. Of course, if it's a normal ball. Well, you should touch the ball more. Just like Kobe said, if you don't touch the basketball one day, you won't improveWhen playing basketball, I always lose the ball. How can I improve this
For this problem, you should practice hard, that is, you should take the ball and dribble it back and forth in an open and flat area. Take it slowly at the beginning, and then speed up the dribble when you feel good. I started playing basketball just like you, but now I'm fine. Anyway, in a word: practice repeatedlyI can't control the ball when I play basketball. I feel the ball is slippery. What should we do
By the way, why don't you say what position you play. I don't know how to make a plan for you. I'll treat you as a point guard. Because I am also a point guard. I'm not conscious. The left hand (right hand) beats the ball 100 times a day. Always when you can't watch the game. Change hands. When both hands can be transported without looking. YouHow to practice disguised basketball?? What if I can't hold the ball?? Master
1. The left and right hands dribble back and forth, clap the ball in place, and do not open the two legs too much. IWhat if you can't play basketball with the balln general, you use your fingers to dribble the ball. It is much better to be familiar with the ball than to clap the ball with your hands. Secondly, if you buy a better basketball, don't buy a ball that is the same as ironHow to play basketball with a tight ball
I myself am not very good at all sports, but I have a full love for basketball. Before the summer vacation, I used only my right hand to watch the dribble. But during the two months of the summer vacation, I went to the stadium every day and practiced every day. I didn't deliberately practice only dribbling, but I used two shots. Two months later, the left hand is still a little bad, butHow to keep the ball steady when playing basketball
If you want to stabilize the ball, you must first exercise your own ball character and ball sense, and practice controlling the ball more. There are many proWhat if you can't play basketball with the ballfessional videos on the Internet that teach us how to dribble and exercise the ball character. You can contact them according to the methods in the videos. No results can be achieved overnight. You need to practice day and night and persevereWhy can't you always catch a pass in basketball
You can't touch the ball with your fingers or your palms first. You should make your hands into an arc and just hold the ball; You can't use brute force to catch the ball. When the ball is passed, you should follow the trend of the ball at the moment of receiving the ball, and remove the impact of the ball, so that it will be easier to catch the ballHow to improve the ability of controlling the ball when playing basketball
We ordinary people are not unable to grasp the basketball. When we are not in sports, there are also those who grasp the basketball with small palms, but they can not be applied to actual combat. Many basketball players can't catch the basketball, so how can they improve their ball control ability? First, the ball feeling. You need to touch the ball with your hands for a long timeWhat if you want to break through and can't hold the ball when playing basketball
It is still necessary to practice more solid basic skills, such as dribbling and protecting the ball. Only if you do these basic skills skillfully, you will be able to make breakthroughs easily
When playing basketball, the ball is always unstable. What should I do
1. Before practice, first pick a basketball (it is recommended to find a basketball veteran to buy it with you, and the old bird can pick the ball), ensure that the basketball used for practice is regular in appearance (do not use plastic balls, which are easy to deform), the air volume in the ball should be moderate (almost full of the best), and find a flat place to prepare for practice
What if you can't play basketball with the ball

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