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Three player basketball tactics

Can a 40 year old patient with hypertension play basketball

2022-06-22 20:20Three player basketball tactics
Summary: Can hypertension play basketballThe heart rate should be strictly controlled. If you feel dizzy, you'd better stop immediately (if you don't stop and continue, the incidence rate of cerebral hem
Can hypertension play basketball
The heart rate should be strictly controlled. If you feel dizzy, you'd better stop immediately (if you don't stop and continue, the incidence rate of cerebral hemorrhage is very high). In addition, try to reduce collisions on the field. If it is physical fitness training, it is recommended to use running training with low intensity first and add it slowlyCan hypertension play basketball
High blood pressure can not be violent exercise, playing baCan a 40 year old patient with hypertension play basketballsketball is more intense, may lead to elevated blood pressure. Not conducive to the control of the diseaseCan people with high blood pressure caused by obesity play basketball as sports
Yes, but be careful not to be too fierce! If the blood pressure is not very high and the clinical symptoms are not very obvious, the drug treatment may not be used for the time being, but the measures of strict diet control, exercise, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction should be adhered to. The blood pressure has not decreased significantly after three months of observationCan hypertensive patients take part in strenuous exercise? Like playing football or basketball
Try not to take part in strenuous exercise! The blood vessel wall and heart of patients with hypertension are already under much higher pressure than ordinary people. Strenuous exercise will further increase the burden on blood vessels, and the weak parts of blood vessels in various parts of the body will rupture and bleed. Human cerebral blood vessels are relatively fragileWhat is the sport that hypertension fears most? What should I pay attention to
For patients with hypertension, appropriate exercise can be carried out at ordinary times. Appropriate exercise can promote blood circulation and improve the body's immunity, but excessive exercise is not allowed. For patients with hypertension, the most afraid exercise is intense anaerobic exercise. Patients with hypertension are not suitable for excessive muscle trainingWhy can't people with hypertension take strenuous exercise
Although exercise is an effective non drug therapy for hypertension, some too intense exercises, such as playing basketball and football, will cause a sharp rise in blood pressure and even lead to complications such as myocardial infarction. This kind of exercise is obviously not suitable for exercise therapy for patients with hypertensionCan hypertensive people play basketball (taking antihypertensive drugs)
Moderate exercise is OK, but not too intense
Can people with high blood pressure play basketball
High blood pressure can be appropriate to play basketball. Hypertension can be divided into primary hypertension and secondary hypertension. First of all, we should consider the inducement elimination treatment of hypertension. Blood pressure control suggests a low salt diet and a low fat diet. Smoking and drinking must be banned to avoid emotional excitement. Choose antihypertensive drugs such as xintongding under the guidance of local doctorsCan hypertension play basketball
Answer: hypertension can play basketball. Patients with high blood pressure can not play basketball. Only those with high blood pressure below the critical blood pressure can mediate through this exerciseCan hypertension play basketball
Proper walking is suitable for patients with hypertension above grade II. Patients with hypertension below grade I can play basketball properly. If the basic heart rate is 80 beats per minute, it is most appropriate to increase the heart rate by 20-30 beats per minute after exercise. Therefore, playing basketball is not recommended for hypertension above grade II. The above information is for reference only
Can a 40 year old patient with hypertension play basketball

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