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Three player basketball rules

People who play basketball after work

2022-06-24 04:09Three player basketball rules
Summary: Is it a work-related injury to play basketball after workLegal analysis: off work time does not belong to working time, nor does playing basketball belong to work reasons, so it does not belong to ind
Is it a work-related injury to play basketball after work
Legal analysis: off work time does not belong to working time, nor does playing basketball belong to work reasons, so it does not belong to industrial injury. Legal basis: Article 14 of the regulations on industrial injury insurance shall be recognized as industrial injury if an employee has one of the following circumstances: (1) during working hours and in the workplaceDoes anyone play basketball after work
Everyone has his own taste. These days, everyone has his own taste. ChePeople who play basketball after workck the original post >& gt;Playing basketball is very tired. Why do so many people like playing basketball? Affected by what factors
It is convenient and simple to play basketball. There are no red cards or yellow cards like football. Football takes a long time. It is possible to score every ball in a whole game. It is boring to play. However, basketball is very simple. It takes only 48 minutes, and it is easy to score. It uses both hands and changes flexibly. If it is powerful, it will score more than 30 points in a game. It is full of sense of achievementThe employee is injured playing ball in the company after work. Is it a work-related injury
Playing ball after work is a self-organized physical exercise. Although in the company, employees are not injured by accidents during working hours, workplaces and work; Nor are they injured by accidents when they are engaged in preparatory or final work related to work before and after working hours. Does not meet the conditions for recognition as an industrial injuryPlay basketball for one to two hours after work every day. The competition is fierce. The amount oPeople who play basketball after workf exercise is relatively large. I go to bed early at 12 o'clock at night
You can play every day. You don't have to play every day. The NBA doesn't play every day. When you have nothing to do, go onlineAfter work, I played basketball in the unit court. My colleague knocked my tooth off. Who paid the mePeople who play basketball after workdical expenses? Did my colleague pay the medical expenses
Playing ball after work, no matter in which stadium, does not belong to work behavior, so it does not belong to work injury. In addition, sports activities have certain risks, so unless you can prove that your colleague bumped you deliberately, you can only ask him to compensate you for part of your medical expenses instead of paying your medical expenses in fullI play basketball every day after work. I sweat a lot. What does this sweat do to my body
Brother, sweating is good for the human body, but you should also pay attention not to exercise too much. In addition, I should pay attention to safety in the process of playing basketball. I hurt my finger while playing basketball, but I haven't recovered yetIs it normal for my husband to play basketball every day when he doesn't come home from work
This sentence alone cannot judge whether it is normal. If he has always been a sports enthusiast, he has played basketball after work for many years, and has not changed since he got married. Now there is no emergency after work. Don't pick up or take care of children. You also have time to take care of houseworkWho is playing basketball on the basketball court from two to three this afterPeople who play basketball after worknoon
Generally, there are many people playing basketball on weekends or after work in the afternoonAfter work, I went to play basketball. I played very intensely, but why do I always feel sleepy and want to close my eyes on the court
Office workers' lack of exercise in the office all day makes their body muscles and physical strength different from those in the past. It may be that they are too tired at work. They should adjust their running for a period of time to enhance their physical strength. They should get better
People who play basketball after work

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