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Pain in basketball sprain

2022-06-23 14:03Three player basketball rules
Summary: I sprained my ankle playing basketball. What should I doAfter injury, stop exercise immediately, and then wash the ankle joint with cold water for several minutes to avoid serious swelling and congest
I sprained Pain in basketball sprainmy ankle playing basketball. What should I do
After injury, stop exercise immediately, and then wash the ankle joint with cold water for several minutes to avoid serious swelling and congestion. It should be noted that although some basketball fans' sprains are not very serious, playing after sprains will aggravate their condition and cause greater dangerPlay ball sprain to the foot very painful, how to do
After the ball sprains to your feet, you should first apply ice to avoid pain and swelling. Then observe that if it is particularly serious, you should go to the orthopaedic hospital to determine whether there is any bone injury. If there is no bone injury, he will be fine in a few days. If there is any bone injury, he will need to be hospitalized. Play ballWhat if I sprained my ankle playing basketball
Let's talk about some solutions after sprain. Stage of foot sprain incident: stop the exercise immediately, step back to the sideline, sit down, put your feet gently on the ground, loosen your shoelaces and take off your shoes and socks (it may be a little painful, pay attention to the range of action)
How did play basketball foot sprain do, painful night cannot sleep
How to do after ankle sprain? It is common for some people to knead the swollen place and spread the accumulated blood; Then apply it with a hot towel to promote blood circulation and detumescence; Finally, walk and move with pain. However, practice has proved that this is not appropriate, because local small blood vessels rupture afPain in basketball sprainter bleedingThere is always a kind of sour feeling in the basketball sprain
Joint injury, pain indicates that the injury is relatively light, generally ice compress within 24 hours. After 24 hours of hot compress, you can use bone setting water, safflower oil, Yunnan Baiyao aerosol, etc. to spray and knead. You can stick a plaster if you like. Be careful not to get injured again, and reduce the amount and intensity of exercise. Usually it will be ready in a week. If the damage is slightly severeI sprained my foot playing football. What if it hurts
First of all, it is recommended to take a film to see if there is a fracture. If there is no fracture, it may be a soft tissue injury. You can apply cold compress for 24 hours after injury Hot compress after 3 days. Under the guidance of a local doctor, take 1.37 wound pills orally, and Yunnan Baiyao aerosol can also be used. Pay attention to rest. And pay attention to prevent injury againToday, I sprained my foot while playing. It still hurts now. There is a little swelling outside the ankle of my right fooPain in basketball spraint. Which methods can be recovered as soon as possible
First of all, avoid continuing to carry weight or walk after injury, and avoid massaging the injured part by your partner. A bandage or wide adhesive tape can be used to wrap and fix the affected side's foot and ankle in the slight eversion position after 90 years of back extension, restrict walking, and send it to the hospital for trePain in basketball sprainatment. Third, for those with mild symptoms, apply cold water or cold towel and lift the affected limb immediately after the injury. At this pointHow to play basketball sprain
After playing basketball, you can immediately apply cold compress, such as ice bag compress, cold water flush, etc., to reduce blood flow and prevent swelling and pain, and then go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. If there is no fracture, you can apply safflower oil every day, which will be relieved after about three weeksWhat about sprain when playing basketball
Sprain is something that people often encounter in life. It is called "ankle sprain" in medicine. This kind of injury is a kind of injury that external force makes the foot and ankle exceed its maximum range of motion, causing the muscles, ligaments and even joint capsules around the joints to be pulled and torn, resulting in pain, swelling and claudicationHow did play basketball foot sprain do ability eliminate ache as soon as possible
Use cold compress for 24 hours and hot compress for 24 hours. In the future, I will mainly raise them. Generally, I don't need other drugs. If I can't recover well, I will be active again. If I don't watch the NBA, it will take three months. We were soldiers at that time, so I was closed and bandaged again. The consequences can be imagined
Pain in basketball sprain

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