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A basketball player sprains his foot

2022-06-23 08:00Three player basketball rules
Summary: Play basketball sprain hurt a foot, how should deal with just be correctPlaying basketball is very easy to sprain. No matter what level of players or players, there will be sprains. This is a common i
Play basketball sprain hurt a foot, how should deal with just be correct
Playing basketball is very easy to sprain. No matter what level of players or players, there will be sprains. This is a common injury, as long as people who like playing basketball will have sprained their feet. However, some people were slightly injured after spraining their feet, while others were seriously injured after spraining their feetWhat if I sprained my ankle playing basketball
Sprain is ankle sprain, which is very common in daily sports, especially when playing basketball. So, what? Stop exercising immediately and sit down or lie down. Pad your feet with clothes or backpacks to reduce swelling and pain. Apply an ice bag and a cold towel on the part of the sprained foot, so that the capillaries contract toWhat is the best way to deal with your sprained foot
Stopping exercise is a trivial matter in the eyes of many people. Many people continue to exercise or walk with their feet in the wake of their sprains. This is incorrect, which will make the sprains more serious and have a very adverse impA basketball player sprains his footact on the recovery in the later period.A basketball player sprains his foot After the sprain, you should stop exercising immediately and stop moving firstHow to do when playing basketball
Sprain of the foot is common. Some people first try to rub the swollen place and spread the accumulated blood; Then apply it with a hot towel to promote blood circulation and detumescence; Finally, walk and move with pain. However, practice has proved that this is inappropriate, because local small blood vessels will form hematoma after rupture and bleedingWhat should I do if my ankle sprains in basketball
After ankle sprain, local small blood vessels of ankle joint rupture and bleed, which together with exuded tissue fluid will form a hematoma. Generally, it will take about 24 hours to repair and stop bleeding and exudation. Many people are used to rubbing hard immediately after injury, hot compress, washing and ironing, and forced activitiesWhat measures should be taken in time after basketball sprain? How to deal with it afterwards
Answer: for basketball players, sprain is inevitable. It can be sA basketball player sprains his footaid that it is a situation that everyone will encounter. However, no one is willing to face this situation, because the sprain is an injury to their own joints. What's more, it will seriously affect our lives. The so-called breaking bones and muscles for a hundred days, what should I do after I sprained my footHow to deal with the sprained foot in basketball
You must be careful before doing so, or you will get more damage. If you feel pain after sprain, you should immediately go to the hospital for examination and treatment to avoid the injury getting worse. However, no matter what we do, especially in the fierce resistance movement, we should protect ourselves, so that we can better enjoy the happiness brought by the movementHow to deal with basketball sprain
After playing ball and spraining your foot, you should apply ice at the first time to reduce the accumulation of blood stasis, and then spray Yunnan Baiyao spray after hot compress. This can relieve the pain of the sprained foot and disperse the congestion as soon as possibleHow to protect the ankles of those who often sprain in basketball
Because it is the most dangerous to stand at this time. When many players play, everyone can see this skill. In fact, there are many factors for ankle sprain, including insufficient ankle strength. The key point is this defect. Even ankle strength training is the worst training. But you can try squatting on tiptoe, which has some effect. OthersWhat about sprain when playing basketball
Since the angle of normal ankle varus is much larger than that of valgus, when the ankle is sprained, the foot is usually twisted inward, and the injured part is the lateral ankle. Many people first A basketball player sprains his footrub the pain, then wash their feet with hot water to promote blood circulation and reduce swelling. Finally, they walk and move in order not to "save their tendons"
A basketball player sprains his foot

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