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Three player basketball rules

Yellow people have no talent for basketball

2022-06-23 07:51Three player basketball rules
Summary: Lin Shuhao proved that the talent of the yellow race does not determine the upper limit. Why can't CBA mass produce NBA players_ HundredTherefore, Lin Shuhao, who did not admit defeat, led the Harv
Lin Shuhao proved that the talent of the yellow race does not determine the upper limit. Why can't CBA mass produce NBA players_ Hundred
Therefore, Lin Shuhao, who did not admit defeat, led the Harvard basketball team to break into the National College Students' League for the first time, creating the best result in the history of the University, which proved that his Lin Shuhao decided to participate in the NBA draft. Of course, we can't figure out when. They all say that the yellow people have poor talentWhy are yellow people less athletic than black people
The yellow people live in groups. Besides diet, the yellow people are mainly full, and the black people's butter and bread are based on scientific diet... You say so... Don't worry about your body. Although you have great athletic talent, the variety limits your ability to enter Barcelona and play in the NBAWhy are there so many people playing basketball in China? There are no good players
In addition, the physical quality is indeed a disadvantage. The average level of white muscle of black people is higher than that of yellow people. It is more likely to have a genius of body explosion, such as what can be deducted at 12, and the 17-year-old Williamson, who is called the next James. Fourth, there are more talented defenders nowAre the yellow people the worst at sports and singing
Completely wrong. In terms of sports, we have to be very detailed. In track and field events, the mitochondria of sports cells in black people are slightly more than those of yellow people. Generally speaking, mitochondria are a kind of organelle that provides sports energy for cells. And the bone mineral density of black people is higher than that of yellow peopleDo yellow people really have no advantage in playing basketball
In fact, there is no advantage, which is determined by the physical quality. For example, Yi Jianlian, the best player in China, won the NBA. He has no advantage in terms of the same physical quality. It's just like it's not so good for Americans to play table tennis
Why can't the yellow race be the top point guard, quarterback and forward in the NBA
In terms of defense, if the opposite side is the same as kawhi Leonard, the pressure on dribble or shooting space is really too great. But in fact, many people would like to attribute other aspects, such as bounce, speed and power, to talentWho has the advantage in sports between white people and yellow people
The yellow people focus on skills. In sports competitions, the yellow people have always impressed people with their lightness and flexibility. Compared with the white people, the yellow people are short and light, and their absolute strength and absolute speed are not dominant. Their talents are mainly concentrated in items rYellow people have no talent for basketballelated to dexterity, skills and mindWhy are there so many basketball players in China, but there are not so many top talents as Guoping
Objective factors are like basketball, in which blacks are more dominant. After all, blacks are more powerful in terms of bounce and explosive power. However, sports coordination ability is the inborn advantage of the yellow people. In addition, the day after tomorrow's training, so basketball is still more valuable in the NBA divisionYellow people really can't play basketball
First of all, I would like to say that the black people are indeed better than the yellow people! However, the basketball court is mainly about the cooperation and tactics between the players, plus a stable scoring point and a better guard! You don't have to be very strong to play basketball. As long as the cooperation between the team members is tacit, they are willing to work hardWhy do yellow people play less than black people
Physical talent is too different. Black people are better at sports, speed, endurance and bounce than yellow people. These are also important aspects of playing well
Yellow people have no talent for basketball

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