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I dare not bend my knee when playing basketball

2022-06-23 00:26Three player basketball rules
Summary: What is the reason for knee pain after playing basketballThe problem of knee pain after playing basketball is usually the knee joint injury caused by strenuous exercise, such as meniscus injury or loc
What is the reason for knee pain after playing basketball
The problem of knee pain after playing basketball is usually the knee joint injury caused by strenuous exercise, such as meniscus injury or local ligament injury, which is a common kind of sports injury. 2 pay attention to ice treatment immediately. Pay attention to rest temporarily. If the pain is obvious, check and confirm it firstAfter playing basketball, what is the reason why you feel more and more pain when you bend your knees
I would like to give you some specific suggestions, that is, do not take strenuous exercise for twoorthree months to six months, have a good rest, and generally you can heal yourself. If you don't have any bulges now, it means that you have just appeared. You must take a rest for twoorthree months, don't play ball games, especially football and basketball, and don't jump or bruise again. IfThe knee bending after basketball is very painful
The way to cure the pain is sI dare not bend my knee when playing basketballurgery, but you are not a professional athlete. It is not necessary to take a break from playing ball. Apply hot water every day to promote blood flow. It will get better in half a month. I had this problem before and visited many medical sI dare not bend my knee when playing basketballtudents... It's a little serious, very painful, and swollen. I can't straighten or bend, and I can't walk normally. Excuse me
Problem analysis: considering the occurrence of knee ligament soft tissue injury, most of them sprained the knee joint inadvertently when playing basketball, resulting in congestion, edema and proliferation of the ligament tendon soft tissue at the joint, local venous blood and tissue fluid backflow blocked, resulting in swelling and pain. Suggestions: it is recommended to restHow does basketball knee ache return a responsibility
How to care for knee pain in basketball? The warm-up work before the game and training should be done fully. First, it can make you enter the sports state as soon as possible, and second, it can reduce sports injuries. If you hear the knee "patter" during exercise, it's not fun. This should be well understood by everyone. There is no need to say more. SecondWhen playing basketball, the knee is twisted and cannot be bent or straightened, and there is pain?? What's the matter
Answer: Guidance: first of all, it is recommended to take a film to see if there is a fracture. If there is no fracture, it may be a soft tissue injury. Cold compress is recommended for the first 3 days Hot compress after 3 days Take 1.37 wound tablet orally, and you can also try Yunnan Baiyao aerosol. And we must pay attention to rest I wish you good health... Playing basketball too often leads to injury to the right knee. The right knee can not be completely bent. There is too much pain in bending
Answer: Problem Analysis: it is considered that traditional Chinese medicine plus acupuncture and massage can be used for synovitis, which has a good effect. Traditional Chinese medicine plaster is a prescription with better therapeutic effect. Use it to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, relax muscles and collaterals, diminish inflammation and pain, so as to achieve the purpose of treating both symptoms and signs. During the treatment, you should pay attention to rest more and do not exercise too muchThe knee hurts and the leg can't bend after playing basketball
The bone of the knee is damaged by strong vibration. I have more rest and less telekinesis. If the effect is not obvious after a long rest, it is best not to do intense exercise. After that, you should still wear a knee pad and warm up before exercise, otherwise it is easy to relapseHow does playing basketball knee ache dare not support strength to do
There are two main restorative exercises (I personally think) one is muscle strength, the other is technical specifications. Muscle strength is important, but don't overdo it. After all, it is recovery. The technical specifications need to find a coach. The basic thing is to lower the center of gravity and use the knees flexibly. Playing ball is like dancing, with rhythm. Keep the knees bent and take offPlaying basketball hurts your knee
Your weight is a little overweight, which causes your knee to bear too much weight when exerting force. If you don't train a lot of knee and leg strength at ordinary times, your knee will be seriously damaged, or even cause water accumulation or strain. It is suggested that you should first cultivate yourself and do some recovery exercises to restore the flexibility of your knees
I dare not bend my knee when playing basketball

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