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Why does the waist ache when playing basketball

2022-07-02 06:27Three player basketball rules
Summary: Playing basketball, low back painIn the final analysis, the lower back muscles are too weak. It is recommended to practice more muscle strength injuries at the core. If the muscles are injured, you ca
Playing basketball, low back pain
In the final analysis, the lower back muscles are too weak. It is Why does the waist ache when playing basketballrecommended to practice more muscle strength injuries at the core. If the muscles are injured, you can do static goat push ups. Every night when you sleep, do 3 groups, each group for 1-2 minutesWhy is playing basketball lumbago
Pinch: sit with your feet stretched forward, or bend your knees, or sit upright. Pinch and lift the lumbar muscles with both hands for 15-20 times. Tapping: clench your fists with both hands, palms of both fists outward, and tap your waist gently to avoid pain. Tap left and right at the same time, 30 times each. Grasp: hands akimbo, thumb in frontWhy does the waist ache when playing basketball
Manifested as sudden onset of severe abdominal colic, mostly around the glue, often persistent pain paroxysmal aggravation; Abdominal pain often involves the waist and back, and patients often dare not lie flat on their backs, preferring chest knee position or curled lateral position; Vomiting is frequent, abdominal distension is not significant, or a certain part is particularly obvious, and there may be no high pitched bowel soundsWhen playing basketball, how is it that I always feel low back pain
I'm also a basketball fan and a member of the high school team. Hehe, let me say: you often have low back pain, which must be excessive use of your waist. Leaning bacWhy does the waist ache when playing basketballk is quite a test of your waist strength. Don't feel it until you pull it out. Another point is: playing basketball will always jump, and some people will form bad habits, and sometimes they love to land on one footWhy does my lumbar vertebra suddenly ache when playing football
There are many reasons for low back pain, which may be caused by lumbar disc herniation, strain, spinal canal stenosis, kidney deficiency, lumbar injury, etc. This requires your specific examinationLong term lumbar pain after playing basketball
Do sit ups every 3 days. Each time for about 10-15 minutes, do not need any pressure, move slowly, and relax to do sit ups without feeling any discomfort. In the first week, the next day after exercise, there will be a feeling of waist pain and swelling pain, which is normalWhat's the reason why you will have low back pain when you play ball... Is it kidney deficiency? Thank you
If you don't have many dreams and sweat, it's not kidney deficiency. Your low back pain may be caused by lumbar muscle strain, or muscle fatigue and pain caused by inactivity when playing ball
Why do I feel sore in my waist every time I play basketball? After playing basketball, my waist will continue to ache and bend down
Muscle displacement exerts a sharp force (flexion and extension) on the muscle, causing the rupture of the muscle fiber or part of the muscle membrane in the muscle, resulting in internal bleeding. Prevention method: before practicing the ball, knead the muscles of all parts and loosen them, especially for players with hard musclesWhen playing basketball, I jumped up to catch the rebound, and my waist suddenly hurt when I landed. I want to find a reason and another solution_ Baidu
This is a muscle strain. It must be caused by your incorrect playing habits at ordinary times. When grabbing the rebound and falling, there will be certain damage to the Achilles tendon, knee and lumbar spine. Therefore, it is recommended that you use the correct posture after grabbing the rebound and landing. When landing, don't stand on the ground rigidly, and land on the ground firstAfter playing basketball, heel and back waist are very painful. What is the reason
The heel may be squatting, that is, the impact of landing after taking off. The waist is tired, which is relatively normal. Generally, this phenomenon occurs in many dribbles Take a hot bath and soak your feet in hot water. Your feet are basically OK. You can twist your waist slowly by yourself. Be careful not to catch a cold, and you'll be fine. It's lack of exercise
Why does the waist ache when playing basketball

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