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Why are you keen on playing basketball

2022-06-29 10:02Three player basketball rules
Summary: Why are college students generally keen on playing basketball instead of footballBecause from childhood to adulthood, students are more exposed to basketball, and football is rarely possible to play.
Why are college students generally keen on playing basketball instead of football
Because from childhood to adulthood, students are more exposed to basketball, and football is rarely possible to play. In addition, there are few football fields. Even in universities, there are only oneortwo football fields, while there are many basketball courts. So college students are more interested in playing basketball than footballWhat makes table tennis, basketball, football, badminton and chess so popular in China
Basketball is very popular among the young, but the old don't like it very much. There is a special phenomenon in football. Many people watch the ball, but not many play it. In addition, the post-90s and post-00s are more keen on basketball. It is easy to see people playing basketball on the campus playground, but there areWhy are you keen on playing basketball not as many people playing football as beforeWhy do more people play basketball than badminton in China
What was the first movement in China has always been controversial. Generally speaking, there were many people who liked football before 1985, and the number of people who were keen on playing football was also large. Under the influence of Yao Ming, it is also an indisputable fact that the number of basketball fans after the 1980s has increased dramatically. Who is the first movement in China? Authority: the basketball population is as high as 400millionWhy are more people playing basketball than playing football on campus
I prefer to call myself a football fan. When I was a child, I secretly bought a football guide for practice. When I was learning Chinese painting in the children's palace, my parents sent me away. After that, I went to the football class to eavesdrop, and then went home to practice. However, no one played with you. Students in small counties and cities are more keen on playing basketballPlaying basketball is very tiring. Why are so many people keen on it
For example, if a company invests iWhy are you keen on playing basketballn the construction of a sports ground, a basketball court is appropriate. Except for the small basketball court, there is no need to buy lawn or mow lawn. Moreover, according to my observation, many units have football fields that are also covered with green rubber. It is too expensive to make turf, which is very troublesome. Whether playing basketball or footballWhy do most boys like playing basketball when grandma makes use of self-made mobile baskets
The junior sisters of a department all adore Xiao Nai who plays basketball. As long as he is present, there will be no empty seats. Everyone is more enthusiastic about Xiao Nai than basketball. Therefore, boys like playing basketball because they want to attract girls' attention. Boys like playing basketballEveryone is keen on playing basketball. Why don't you like playing football
We all know that there are many friends who like basketball, and the sports in the world are not only basketball, but also football, volleyball and so on. But not to mention other countries, the number of people playing basketball in each school in China is far more than that in other sports. At this time, people will ask that everyone is generally keen on playing basketballWhy do many college boys want to join the basketball team
In life, we will find that both the teenagers in primary and secondary schools and the young people who have entered the university are keen on playing basketball. Whenever and wherever there is a basketball court, there must be a gathering place for boys. Young and energetic figures running, jumping and sweating on the playground are very eye-catchingWhy do girls like boys who play basketball
Not necessarily when there will be a hot pot cover, not necessarily when there will be a narrow encounter with the opponent. Every basketball player has developed the fearless spirit of not being frightened when a rocket collapses on the left and not afraid when a grenade explodes on the right. Life always experiences ups and downs. A person who becomes decadent and depressed when things happenWhy do boys like playing basketball and girls like playing badminton
Basketball requires a lot of activity and sweat. Badminton is better than basketball. Girls are ladies and clever in front of others. Basketball will lose their identity. Boys like basketball can reflect their strong physique in front of others. The simplest answer is that girls are not physically strong
Why are you keen on playing basketball

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