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Three player basketball rules

Why do you get scolded for playing basketball

2022-06-28 19:02Three player basketball rules
Summary: Before I started playing basketball, I was often scolded for not doing well in some detailsBeing scolded or not is a matter of strength. You are technically good and others are embarrassed to say that
Before I started playing basketball, I was often scolded for not doing well in some details
Being scolded or not is a matter of strength. You are technically good and others are embarrassed to say that you can't help being scolded for your own dishes
Be blamed for playing basketball badly
Therefore, a man should be open-minded and don't tangle over trivial matters. As for what you should do, you should grab the backboard. At least you can put the ball in 1-2 meters near the basket, and be more positive on the court. Basketball is relaxing, not tangledWhy is it that if you don't play well, you will be hacked by others
As long as the other party is not in line with their own appetite, they will think he is bad, otherwise they will pursue him. There is nothing wrong with this mentality. However, many people do not know what they have done behind their back, but also add a bunch of abuse and slander. This is wrong. Even if they are all stars. In fact, the more famous people are, the more they will be scolded... No, those who play well scold me that I can't play. Kneel down and beg for a good way to play basketball. Let me find myself
People won't scold you just because you played badly. Otherwise, they will scold you every day and everyone they see? I think there maWhy do you get scolded for playing basketbally be two situations. The first is that they want to win, but you are dragging your feet. But it doesn't necessarily blame you. After all, there are always good and bad basketball skills. The second is thatIs it normal to be scolded by your teammates when playing basketball
The person who scolds others has problems. What pass is not in place? What am I here? Where are you going? These are all based on his own subjective judgment. He pays attention to cooperative attack and defense in playing. Having such a person who likes to harm others and accuse others is either xenophobicPlaying basketball, because I didn't play for a few days, I didn't play well, and I was scolded by my teammates. What should I do
Practice more and figure it out. Just play boldly. Everyone comes from a novice, but different people have different novice periods. As long as you observe the movements and cooperation methods of players in regular games, and practice your basic skills diligently. In addition, teammates may have a strong sense of victory and defeat. Just understandPlaying basketball is always called rubbish
Maybe your classmates have despised you for a long time, and you are eager to perform, but you make a fool of yourself... You may laugh at me. I was the captain of the school team when I was in college, but it was the first time I went out to play basketball on behalf of the school (track and field is already well-known in the circle)... My face was stiff from the preliminaries to the finalsHow can I do if I am laughed at and scolded for my poor basketball skills
It doesn't matter if you don't play well. You should have confidence and don't give up because of other people's jokes; When playing, it's also necessary to choose a suitable court, because when you just start learning, don't play witWhy do you get scolded for playing basketballh those who are tall and have better skills. In that case, you will suffer losses and can't improve. You should find those who are a little taller than youOn the second day of my junior high school, I was under a lot of pressure when playing basketball. I couldn't relax my body and mind at all. I couldn't make any shots
Relax and practice more when you're free. Remember that there are two ways to miss a shot. First of all, you don't have a good grasp of your strength. Don't increase your strength too much. At the beginning, you'd rather be small than big. Second, his shooting posture is definitely not standardized (when pitching, one hand holds the ball on the side and the other hand throws the ball
I am always scolded by my teammates when I play basketball. How about the following
We should train more at ordinary times, so that 2113 can be useful during the competition. If your 5261 skills are poor and shooting is not good, you should not only train shooting and dribbling when you are training 4102, but also be more active in defending 1653 and blocking during the game
Why do you get scolded for playing basketball

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