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Three player basketball rules

How to keep defense in basketball

2022-06-25 22:41Three player basketball rules
Summary: What are the defensive skills in basketball? How to better defend your opponent one-on-oneFirst of all, the important thing is to defend the feet. When defending, the body should squat half and the fe
What are the defensive skills in basketball? How to better defend your opponent one-on-one
First of all, the important thing is to defend the feet. When defending, the body should squat half and the feet should be flexible. The key is to train the flexible feet. The principle of sliding defense is to prevent the feet but not the ball (meaning not to deliberately break someone else's ball unless you are sure that you can break it). Many people have told me that the card man will get stuck in his first stepHow to defend in basketball
How to defend in basketball? First of all, your remarks on this question are quite general. In all aspects of defense on the basketball court, specifically, there are several points; The defense of a man without a ball. The defense of the ball holder. The defense of non ball players is usually simple. To put it bluntly, it is to stick to the players you defendHow to defend in basketball
Defense is very learned. As far as the whole team is concerned, the key point of defense is the formation. More effective defense according to the characteristics of the opponent is the key to chanHow to keep defense in basketballging the formation. Personally, defense has high requirements for physical quality, including strength, speed, reflection, etc. in addition, experience is a vaHow to keep defense in basketballluable asset for defenseHow to defend when playing basketball
The former can help you maintain the correct defensive posture, and the latter can help you strengthen your physical coordination when you break the ball or interfere with the opponent's attack. The other is the broken step, in which the body still maintains the correct defensive posture, and the two feet jump up and down alternately in small steps, or let the basketball roll slowly on the ground, and then follow the basketball with small broken stepsHow to practice defense in basketball
In defense, don't take the initiative to touch the opponent's body. Once you touch it, you will be called for a foul. In addition, you should pay attention to the other party's three-step layup. Don't move under the basket. If the other party knocks you down, it will be a hit with the ball. Don't take fHow to keep defense in basketballake actions. Not taking fake actions means not being cheated by fake actionsHow to defend in basketball
When playing basketball, the defense mainly starts from the function, defense focus and attention of basketball shoes. The detailed process is as follows: first, when playing basketball, you must wear a pair of shoes with high friction. Otherwise, if you want to prevent others, the other party will slide directly in disguise. Second: when defending, the center of gravity must be low, because when the center of gravity is low, people willHow to practice defense in basketball
The hand on the same side of the front foot is stretched out to play the ball, and the center of gravity is controlled at the waist so that the ball can not be moved backwards or restored to its original position Sometimes, in order to stop the opponent or threaten him, he suddenly uses the fake action of attack step. When the opponent stops dribbling, his hind foot closely follows him anHow to keep defense in basketballd takes a step closer to the opponent to defend in a flat step, grabbing, hitting and blocking the opponent's ballWhat are the defensive skills you should learn to play basketball
If you want to play basketball well, you can't learn it overnight, but if you learn skills and methods, you can get more cheers and applause. Anti breakthrough skills. Defense is not by hand, but by foot. Foot is the key to becoming a good defender! I played basketball for several yearsWho can teach me how to play basketball and how to defend
There are many one-on-one defensive skills in basketball matches. First, your own steps must keep up with your defensive goals. Don't be fooled by his fake moves when the other party makes fake moves. When he tries to sway you past you again, remember not to be nervous. You should realize that you should squat when facing your defenderHow to defend in basketball
This requires more competitions, accumulating competition experience and paying attention to observation during the competition. Give the other side interference in defense, open your hands, give the offensive players a sense of oppression, so that the offensive players can not break through; If the other party breaks through, use the side sliding step to block the other party in time and cause interference as much as possible
How to keep defense in basketball

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