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Three player basketball match

Owen and harden play basketball

2022-06-23 23:47Three player basketball match
Summary: What is the relationship between Owen and harden in the NBASo I'm worried that he and James Harden can't get along well. However, after a season of running in, we can see that both sides perform
What is the relationship between Owen and harden in the NBA
So I'm worried that he and James Harden can't get along well. However, after a season of running in, we can see that both sides performed well on the basketball court. When James Harden just entered the team, he was unable to find his position and often passed the ball to Owen and DurantOwen has changed. He plays with harden. Will he really help harden
Owen: harden and I have a clear division of labor. I let him play point guard. I played point guard harden, who scored 19 points, 8 boards and 16 assists in this game, setting a career high for the nets. Owen contributed 23 points, 5 rebounds, 4 assists and 1 steals for the team. Durant played for 33 minutes, making 8 of 19 shots, including 1 of 6 three-point shots and 3 of 4 free throwsOwen and harden are the strongest defenders. What is the difference between them
Second, the strong addition of the system has a very obvious impact on harden. Under the leadership of the rockets and D'Antoni, harden took a great road. You can't ignore harden's personal bonus system. On the other hand, Owen is losing money. For the Cavaliers, he is the second leader. In the green army, he overemphasizes team basketball and takes the leadOwen and harden as the giants of the basketball network, who has the stronger ability to lead the team
Owen has the ability to lead a team without the temperament of a leader. Of cOwen and harden play basketballourse, it has something to do with the fact that the quality of his teammates is not as good as that of harden. However, there is a certain gap between Owen's ability to lead a team and that of harden. Owen likes to fight alone, and no teammate can stand up in the CelticsWhich is better in actual combat than harden 2 and Owen low2
Owen series is better. Owen 2 is equipped with a heel zoom air cushion, which can quickly transfer power to the toes when accelerating, or provide protection when decelerating Owen and harden play basketballand bufferingWho do you think is better when harden and Owen perform
Durant's strength as the big brother of the game is beyond doubt. Harden and Owen, as the shooting guards, are superstars. They both came on the stage together as teammates. Although their cooperation was wonderful, harden sacrificed a lot for Owen. As the shooting guard, harden will leave more mobile phones to OwenWho do you think is better than Owen and harden
Harden is good at breakthrough and back swing, scoring ability. Overall, Owen is a little better. After all, Owen can make people feel more beautiful. Although he spent less time in battle than harden, he has won a championship in his career, which is far from what harden did. Because the honor can not be compared with OwenThe same NBA players, Owen and harden who is better
I think harden is better than Owen. Harden can lead a team to achieve better results and have stronger scoring ability. Better organizational skills. It's not that Owen is bad. Although Owen is one of the strongest single hitters in the league who ignore the environment, his efficiency is still a little lower than that of harden, and his offensive influence is also lower than that of hardenIn terms of singles skills, who is better, harden or Owen
Harden of the rockets and Owen of the nets are recognized as powerful single hitters in the league. From the strength analysis alone, hardenOwen and harden play basketball is stronger, and harden's ability to cooperate with his teammates is also a little better than Owen. Harden won the MVP in the regular season schedule, and also won the League scoring championIs there any difference between Owen and harden's singles? If so, what are the main differences
First of all, the purpose of the two singles is different. Owen's singles are mainly to score for himself, and harden's singles are mainly to create scoring opportunitiOwen and harden play basketballes for his teammates. Owen's scoring is more inclined to the point guard, and he has always been used to playing in this way. Moreover, he is not good at organizing and connecting teams
Owen and harden play basketball

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