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Do you want to take a film when playing basketball

2022-06-23 20:49Three player basketball match
Summary: I sprained my waist while playing basketball. I haven't recovered for half a year. It's very painful. It's best to take photos when you go to the hospitalIt's better to go to a regular hos
I sprained my waist while playing basketball. I haven't recovered for half a year. It's very painful. It's best to take photos when you go to the hospital
It's better to go to a regular hospital and take an X-ray to confirm if there is any dislocation ~ it's really not good. You can also do magnetic resonance imaging. Then rest more, sit less, stand less, lie flat more, and get out of bed with elastic protective equipment. Low back injury is a major event, and it is difficult to recover. You should be mentally preparedI twisted my waist playing basketball at the age of 16. Later, the film said that the spine was crooked. Is it necessary to do traction
It is necessary to pay attention to the health care of the waist at ordinary times. Pay attention to rest and avoid fatigue. You can temporarily use the plaster of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasisSprain the waist playing basketball
In general, for injuries like this, it is best not to take strenuous exercise within two months. It is recommended that the landlord go to the hospital to check and have a good rest after he is OK
You seem to have twisted your waist playing basketball? What to do
If it is twisted to the waist, you should stick some rheumatic pain relief cream first. Can you see it? If you don't feel well, go to the hospital as soon as possible and do the corresponding examination and treatmenDo you want to take a film when playing basketballtPlay basketball to the waist, experienced friends to see, thank you
Lumbar sprain doesn't matter much. According to your symptoms, it doesn't look like strain. It feels that there is an abnormal activity in the lumbar vertebral body under the action of external force, resulting in intervertebral disc edema. It can be relieved at rest, indicating that there is no pain without external stimulation, and there is compression on the edematous intervertebral disc during activity, causing painPlay basketball twisted to the waist, how to do ache
I also play basketball. In fact, I think you can relax your body, for example, running, so your waist may be better. If you still feel uneasy, I suggest you take a filmI twisted my waist when I was 16 years old because of playing basketball. Later, the film said that it was necessary to do traction when my spine was askew
Generally, it can be reset and cured within half an hour. It doesn't matter if you can't tell the difference between Guan and thoracic vertebrae. One principle: push the pain there until all symptoms disappear. It is painful to do this reduction, because the dislocation of thoracic vertebrae has been very painful to squeeze the nerves for a long timeWhat should a 19-year-old boy do when he reaches his waist when playing basketball. Yes
The 19-year-old boy played basketball to his waist. First of all, he suggested taking a film to see if there was a fracture. Flash back is also called acute lumbar sprain suggestion: it is recommended to take an X-ray to see if there is any abnormal condition such as fracture. If the X-ray is not obviously abnormal, and there is no obvious abnormal sensory movement of both lower limbs, it is often the lumbar soft tissue injury. Cold compress is recommended for the first 3 daysI twisted my waist playing basketball. Do you want to shoot
Just take an X-ray. Take a rest assured. As long as the waist awl is not on, you can keep itI sprained my foot playing basketball. Do I need to go to the hospital for filming
Of course
Do you want to take a film when playing basketball

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