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Three player basketball match

Playing basketball in rainy days in Jinan

2022-06-23 20:22Three player basketball match
Summary: What's the harm of playing basketball on rainy daysIt's easy for the ball to rot when it gets into the water. Besides, it's not easy to play basketball in rainy days. If you can't have fun
What's the harm of playing basketball on rainy days
It's easy for the ball to rot when it gets into the water. Besides, it's not easy to play basketball in rainy days. If you can't have fun, you can't achieve the effect of practicing the ballIs it bad for your health to play in the rain
It will be bad for your health. After all, after sweating, your immunity is not very good. There is no need to play in the rain. You can find an indoor court to play. This can avoid many things. If you are poor, you may catch a cold. It is recommended not to try~~~
Does playing in rainy days hurt the ball a lot
If the ball is good, it will only be a little dirty! But a bad ball may scratch the skinWho likes playing basketball on Playing basketball in rainy days in Jinanrainy days? Why
If you like to go it alone, the weather is something you have to overcome. I also played in rainy days. I found that not only the dribble was affected by the ground, but also when shooting, I relied more on my own feelings. The strength was slightly greater than before, and the friction between hands and the ball was strongerWrite the weekly speed of playing basketball in rainy days
It's like wiping sweat on a sunny day. Then there were several times of running, passing and layup. The rain hit everyone. My white short sleeve was wet and transparent. Everyone pointed to my huge areola and laughed. Everyone is so comfortable and happy, just like in the past, completely forgetting that today is a rainy day. A pleasant rainy day basketball courtCan I play basketball when it rains outside
If it rains outside, you can't play basketball. If there is a basketball court indoors, it can be played indoors. If it rains outside and you play basketball, you may not only have a bad time, but also catch a coldPlaying basketball in the rain
I am not a material expert, but I have personal experience. If it is drizzle, the ball does not touch the rain for a long time, and the ball dries quickly, this situation generally has little impact; If it is a heavy rain and the ball is very wet (I once played in a heavy rainstorm and enjoyed playing and holding back), try to dry the rain and then hit the ball hardCan you play basketball in rainy days
You can't play unless you're indoors. The landlord's question should refer to the outdoor, remember not to play. Because the risk of rheumatoid arthritis increases when you exercise outside in rainy days. Don't just be handsome. Your body is more important. It's not easy to catch a cold when you play football in rainy daysWhat's the harm of playing basketball in the rain
First, the ball is slippery and difficult to control. Second, the spherical surface of cow leather will absorb water. When the ball is dry, the surface will become very rough. If the number of times is too many, it will hurt the ball skin. Third, the ball skin is easy to open and fall off, which will affect the sense of throwing basketball. The above are secondary. The most important thing is that playing in rainy days is easy to hurt yourselfCan't you play basketball in rainy days? Can't basketball touch water
Don't throw it. Just love your ball. You can play basketball whenever you want, but try not to play it when it rains. Because the surface of the ball is usually sticky, too much water may peel off. So you should choose an outdoor ball to play for a longer time
Playing basketball in rainy days in Jinan

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