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Three player basketball match

Why do we score less in basketball

2022-06-23 20:22Three player basketball match
Summary: The trouble of playing basketballSo you can get 3 points for each shot × 0.3 = 0.9 points, which is much worse than the score rate of two points. We played the whole game and depended on three points
The trouble of playing basketball
So you can get 3 points for each shot 0.3 = 0.9 points, which is much worse than the score rate of two points. We played the whole game and depended on three points. For example, when you play half court, two points are better than three points. I hardly shot three points at half-time. And when I made 11 of 15 shots, all of them were two pointsAbout playing basketball
I've been playing since I was 12. It has been more than ten years since 23 this year. Junior high school, senior high school and university have always been members of the school team. I think the reason for this is that you often play by yourself and practice by yourself. Basketball is to compete with others. Practicing by yourself is to practice your skills well, and then play gameWhy do we score less in basketballs with othersWhen playing basketball, you are very accurate when you play one by one. The more people you play, the more inaccurate you are. When you play 4, you can't score. This
There are two main reasons. First, the psychological reason is that when you play a game, you want to prove that you want to score too much, which will easily lead to your failure to play at your normal level; On the other hand, the objective factor is that the defense is relatively strict when playing the game. Generally, they can't get a particularly comfortable shooting opportunity, so they can't shootWhy do people always fail to play basketball
The feel came up quickly. When there are many people, the number of shots is small, the hand feel is poor, and it is slow and hot. In addition, I am not as firm as before psychologically. I don't believe in myself. My teammates also start to doubt myself. Slowly, there are fewer opportunities, and I am also impatient. It is suggested to warm up before the game and believe in yourself. Basketball is a sport for five peopleWhy do I play basketball badly
Other people can shoot, but why can't I? "To shoot, and like defense, we must focus on shooting, focusing on only the basket in our eyesWhy do we score less in basketball, and then throw a few more shots. It's estimated that the feel will come back. I have been practicing basketball since junior high school, which is what the high school coach gave usWhy can't I play basketball well
This is not about your physical quality, but that you care about how well you do. In this way, you will not be able to play basketball well. You should feel that playing basketball is very easy and fun. It is not that you care about how well you play. You can't play well in actual combat because you are nervous and afraid that you can't play well. Right? You should know that you can play in actual combat. It's already very badWhy is the total score of the national basketball team more than 60 or 70 points, less than that of the club
Therefore, all teams like to change the formation into joint defense. Breaking joint defense is shooting. But generally, it seems that few of them can swish in particularly accurately. The defense intensity is also different. The national team has only been in training for a few days. How many games and playoffs will the club play together, so the running in is better, the cooperation is more exqWhy do we score less in basketballuisite, and the scores are relatively largeWhy can't I improve my basketball
Play more with people who are more advanced than you, especially those who are older. Of course, they should be able to runI haven't improved in basketball. Don't copy my answer
An excellent leader can use his own charWhy do we score less in basketballacteristics to make up for the mistakes of his teammates. In this way, even if the teammates may be of average level, they will relax and play because they believe that you can lead them to victory. I hope these help you. I used to be the score leader of my class in middle schoolWhy do I always fail to make progress in playing basketball
Why do we score less in basketball

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