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Three player basketball match

You can't control the ball well in basketball

2022-06-23 07:30Three player basketball match
Summary: When playing basketball, the ball is always unstable. What should I do1. Before practice, first pick a basketball (it is recommended to find a basketball veteran to buy it with you, and the old bird c
When playing basketball, the ball is always unstable. What should I do
1. Before practice, first pick a basketball (it is recommended to find a basketball veteran to buy it with you, and the old bird can pick the ball), ensure that the basketball used for practice is regular in appearance (do not use plastic balls, which are easy to deform), the air volume in the ball should be moderate (almost full of the best), and find a flat place to prepare for practiceI like playing basketball, but I can't control the ball well. What position should I play
If you don't control the ball well, you can't play back. It depends on your height. If your height is not high enough, you can'You can't control the ball well in basketballt play center
Why do I play basketball with poor ball control and unstable dribble. No layup with the ball. How to practice
That's because it's not time for you to play. It's good to watch others dribble. But do you know how much time other people spend at home or outside is just dribbling. Don't think those who play and dribble well on the court can playHow can you control the ball well when playing basketball
If you can shoot the ball for half an hour, try all the fake crotch moves you can. The ball can't fall. Success is a small success. You can still keep it in practice, Dacheng
How to play basketball to control the ball
Touch the ball with your fingertips and lower your weight when dribbling. To balance your left and right hands, it is best to have the same proficiency in both hands so that you can control the ball wellWhen playing basketball, how can I control the ball well
The defender should try his best to force the player with the ball to the corner or the "trap" area where it is easy to attack. When the offensive players dribble, they are not allowed to look down at the ball and stop the ball. They try to keep the ball clean and try their best to break through the defender and reach the opponent's basket. Practice tips: you must practice with both handsWhy can't I play basketball well
The main reason is that the way is wrong. Dribbling is a powerful means for individuals to get rid of defense and attack. It is also an important bridge for organizing the team's offensive tactical cooperation. Through dribbling practice, you can improve your hand's ability to sense the ball, get familiar with the ball, and improve your ability to control and dominate the ball. There are many dribbling methods. The commonly used one is GaoWhy can't I always play basketball well?? Do you have any skills
As for basketball's quick shooting and great shifting skills, first of all, use your right hand to dribble to the basket, find your proper shooting distance, cross the ball, and then move it to your left hand, and then to your right hand. You don't need to cross the ball. At the moment when your right hand hasn't hit the ground, move your right foot to the right, the bigger the better, but not more than one stepHow to improve the ability of controlling the ball when playing basketball
Third, play more games. You need to constantly face all kinds of defenders to break your own ball control, tall, short, fat and thin. When you are not nervous about defenders of any size, your ball control will be successful. It doesn't matter if your hands are small. You can practice ball gamesWhat should I do if I have poor ball control in basketball? How to practice
It mainly uses the wrist and fingers to pull the ball, and the crotch dribble: the legs are moved forward and backward, and the lower legs are crossed. Pay attention to the straightening of the hands, and rely on the wrist and fingers to force. It is more comfortable to control the ball after you are familiar with it. 1. 100 dribbles with one hand (change the right hand to the left hand after the right hand. The following dribbles with one hand are all the same. It is no longer repeated. If the basketball court is empty, it is recommended
You can't control the ball well in basketball

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