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Three player basketball match

Why don't you dare to dribble through people in basketball

2022-06-23 03:19Three player basketball match
Summary: I dare not dribble when playing basketballYou can't retreat because your opponent is strong ~ on the contrary ~ you need to hold the ball more to break through ~ only you can learn from continuous
I dare not dribble when playing basketball
You can't retreat because your opponent is strong ~ on the contrary ~ you need to hold the ball more to break through ~ only you can learn from continuous breakthroughs ~ only you can grow in confrontation! Believe in yourself ~ also give yoWhy don't you dare to dribble through people in basketballurself confidence! Everyone will have mistakes after breakthrough ~ only when they dare to face mistakes ~ can they make their ability to a higher levelPlaying basketball can dribble. Why can't you dare to pass
Because you are not skilled enough. Basketball is a hand centered physical antagonistic sport. It is the core event of the Olympic Games. On December 21, 1891, it was invented by James Naismith, a physical education teacher of the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts. 1896When I play basketball, I always dare not pass
The center of gravity should be kept low, and the breakthrough is the heart must be strong enough!! To keep up with the momentum, don't hesitate, even if you can't make a foulWhy can't I pass people when I play basketball? What can I do&# xF62D;
Use your body to protect the ball and turn around to pass through people. This move is familiar. It's almost a million attempts. When the opponent breaks the ball in a gambling way, the back dribble is very easy to cross dribble. When you cross dribble continuously, the defender can't judge the direction you want to cross and use his hesitation to cross. FeintI dare not dribble in basketball
I have also seen your situation. As long as you are confident once, you will be fine. It is not skills that matter when you excel. Everyone can learn a few skills. If you have a good mentality, you will be able to use them with ease and play basketball beautifully. In addition, dribbling is not the most important thing. You can't always think about dribbling through people. There are someHow to play basketball if you can't excel? How can you practice quickly
Basketball passing is a kind of basketball technique that uses reasonable dribbling technique combined with foot movement to pass the defender. How can we get past each other effectively and quickly? First of all, there should be good dribbling skills. Start training from the most basic, single spot dribble, and master these basic skills. Then through a single combination of techniques, you can practice at willWhy can't you pass people when you play basketball! Always standing still
If the dribble is not good enough, there will be similar problems. It is easy to get rid of the dribble halfway. If it is the problem of speed and explosive power, it will always be slower than the defender when breaking through, and can't pass! Suggestion: if it is a dribble problem, it is recommended to practice every day, such as dribble running backwards, or do a series of ball exercises. But such asWhy do I dare not pass when I play basketball
Anyone who wants to learn basketball and show his skill on the court can achieve his goal only by learning from the most basic dribbling, shooting, breakthrough and defense, and through step-by-step efforts and hard sweat. How can I play basketball well? Problems needing attention in passing: 007:
Why do I dribble well, but I can never pass
I tell you, you need to have a stable shooting. If you shoot badly, you will be sad to lose others, because everyone is an amateur, and the gap in physical quality will not be very large. If you shoot badly, some defenders will pull back a little in order not to give you a chance to pass himWhy do I dare not break through when I play basketball
Therefore, you dare not make a breakthrough, but obviously you want to make a breakthrough. It is estimated that the subconscious makes trouble, and you dare not. Fear. diffident. Have the courage to try. I played basketball for a year before I dared to break through. It was the second day of junior high school... Suggestion: first get familiar with the ball feeling and practice the dribble well. In fact, it's not difficult to break through. When the control intensity of the ball is improved, let's break through
Why don't you dare to dribble through people in basketball

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