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Three player basketball match

Where do you want to see to play basketball

2022-06-22 22:18Three player basketball match
Summary: Where do you look when playing basketball~~~We should not pay too much attention to a certain point when playing. Both the ball and people should take care of each other. If we pay too much attention
Where do you look when playing basketball~~~
We should not pay too much attention to a certain point when playing. Both the ball and people should take care of each other. If we pay too much attention to a certain point, our eyes will tell our opponents what we are concerned about, because at this time, our eyes will be bright because of their high concentrationHow to play basketball well
There are many different shooting methods in basketball training and competition, but no matter what kind of shooting method, there are two things that must be done: first, force from the soles of the feet, that is, although it is shooting with the hands, the force is initiated from the forefoot of the feet, and then through the ankles, knees, crotch, upper body and armsWhat are the highlights of basketball
Describing the wonderful moments of playing basketball: everyone holds his breath and opens his eyes. His face turned red, he held the ball in his hands, and his arms swung from side to side, bypassing the defense of the other two players. After dribbling, he took three lunges, leaped into the air, and shot a two-point ball. We'll have a game as soon as we arriveWhere should I look when playing basketball to defend others
When defending, you must watch the ball. Maybe the swing of your body will deceive you, but the ball won't lie. When defending, you should try not to predict the opponent's actions, but move with his actionsHow to play basketball
How to play basketball? Because I learned other people's street ball when I couldn't play at the beginning, but now I still can't completely master basic skills, such as stable shooting, layup, especially ball control. When others defend me, they are always broken. How can I help me solve these problems GG, please mentionHow can you play basketball well? (power forward)
Good play? I don't know what you mean. Did you hit a good ball? Basketball depends on the team. If you look at the gap between the NBA playoffs and the regular season, there will be various cross over playoffs in the regular season. The playoffs are playing with each other, and there are few dribbles. You can stick to your position, fight for rebounds, implement tactics, and help your teammates cover. HeavyBasketball skills
When a short man plays basketball, cooperation is of course the most important. The five players on the court should have a tacit understanding of basketball and understand it. People arrive at the ball, and the ball arrives at people. It is just right and superb. Some people mistakenly believe that accurate shooting is the standard to judge whether a basketball player is excellent or not. They only look at the score records in the ScorebookWhat skills do we need to know to get started faster
We should practice some basic movements. We should play basketball every day. In this way, we can gradually exercise our proficiency. In this process, we can also master the skills of playing basketball and gradually improve them. To get started quickly, you should watch some instructional videos and then learn the basic operations by yourselfWhat do you value in playing basketball
And the dribble should be quite skilled. Only with the help of teammates' pick and roll can there be enough space to further confuse the opponent. If you are a beginner, you should learn the basic skills of playing basketball. First of all, you should practice the good luck ball, and then there should be shooting, defense and so on. Bad dribbleWhat are the skills of playing basketball
Don't watch the ball and watch the people running. Watch the ball and help the defense to aim at the rest. More communication is needed for changing defense, blocking and dismounting, and the first thing to know is whether to change or bypass. The opponent is good at running behind the wall, and the opponent is good at running around the front. In principle, the nearest place should be repaired firsWhere do you want to see to play basketballt, and then replaced when there is a chance. Don't drink too much water. Don't be too tired when playing. If he takes his sister with him, don't be defensive. He hangs up shirtless and runs away. Encounter
Where do you want to see to play basketball

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