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Three player basketball match

Play basketball alone in the village

2022-06-27 20:02Three player basketball match
Summary: I am 176 in height and 148 in weight in the basketball game in the village during the Spring Festival. I tend to break through when I play. I should score under the basketObviously, according to the a
I am 176 in height and 148 in weight in the basketball game in the village during the Spring Festival. I tend to break through when I play. I should score under the basket
Obviously, according to the average height of your village, if you are almost as tall, you can play point guard. If you are relatively tall, you can play small forward. It goes without saying that there are many joint defenses in the wild courts. It is good to guard an areaTell me about your basketball growth story
I'm a sophomoPlay basketball alone in the villagere now. I started playing in the sixth grade of primary school (not counting mPlay basketball alone in the villagey friends' duels). Due to lack of strength, all the shots in primary school were urinated. The second National Games were very normal, but no one fouled. It was fair because everyone walked the second national gamesExperience of playing basketball in the village
Rural people generally have no formal training, so it is difficult to compete properly. They play basketball mainly for fun and do not study it in depth... But it's not so good in the village, that is, in the village, all the games are shooting, not breaking through, but in the school, I suddenly
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Sun Dashan, the protagonist, plays basketball in the countryside and is favored by the coach of the Provincial Sports Bureau. He is recommended to the NBA German novel
This novel should be a very mysterious one, and should not be taken too seriouslyWhat movie has the scene of rural children playing basketball
In the late 1980s, in the depths of Funiu Mountains, a group of children who had never walked out of the mountains, led by their sincere, kind and stubborn rural teacher, played basketball under a crooked neck tree in front of the classroom every day. The adults in the village didn't take their practice seriouslyWhat is it like to play basketball alone
BasketbaPlay basketball alone in the villagell is a confrontational group sport. With many people, confrontation and organization, it can better reflect the fun of sports. If a person plays ball, he will be very lonely. He can only dribble and serve the ball repeatedly. Besides his skills are not improved, he can not experience Play basketball alone in the villagethe fun of playingHow to play basketball alone
There are many ways to play basketball without a partner. Find some drink cans and bottle caps (it is best to have a small ice cream cone) and put them on the basketball court. Methods: (according to the order of shooting, dribbling, layup and synthesis) arrange the bottle caps into several short lines, and place them in the middle and 30 degrees respectively (set by yourself). Shoot outside the lineA detailed description of a person playing basketball
The ball was thrown into the air by the sound of "toot". Xiaoming, a member of our team who was already ready, jumped and hit hard. The ball just fell into Xiaogang's hands. After a tour around, he quickly dribbled the ball and ran across the midfield line. He saw the right time and immediately ran to the basket to shoot
Play basketball alone in the village

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