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Basketball knee injury I have had it before

2022-06-25 05:01Three player basketball match
Summary: How to play basketball right leg knee inside cent ligament is injured to do, how long do you need to restThere should be pain sometimes! I have had it before. What the doctor said is very right. I can
How to play basketball right leg knee inside cent ligament is injured to do, how long do you need to rest
There should be pain sometimes! I have had it before. What the doctor said is very right. I can't do too drastic actions! Generally, just be careful not to collide. Be careful! Although you really want to play basketball, I understand that you need to recover slowly. You still need to bring protective equipmentWhen playing basketball, the person who made a breakthrough in defense was hit on the inner side of his left knee. The next day, he felt very painful. He couldn't straighten out and bend
Maybe the ligament or meniscus is damaged, which is very daBasketball knee injury  I have had it beforengerous. It's best to check it
Playing basketball on the inside of the knee of the right leg, is it soft tissue injury
Basketball is a kind of strenuous exercise, which has great damage to knee and ankle joints. Before exercise, you must ensure that you are not in the recovery period of injury (as you are now) and are not in a state of fatigue. Be sure to warm up before exercise. China usually plays basketball in half court. If you really want to play basketball during the recovery period, you can throw blue instead of blueI've been playing basketball for a week because of the strain on the inside of my knee. I haven't recovered yet. What's the matter
There iBasketball knee injury  I have had it befores a gap strain on the knee, which is generally difficult to recover. It may be a meniscus problem. It's best to go to the hospital for examination. I hope there's no big deal
How does basketball knee ache return a responsibility
When playing basketball, you can also use knee pads at the knee to protect the knee from strong impact injury. How to care for knee pain in basketball? The warm-up work before the game and training should be done fully. First, it can make you enter the sports state as soon as possible, and second, it can reduce sports injuriesHow to protect and recover from basketball knee injury
8. Muscle development can relieve the pressure on the knee under certain circumstances and minimize the injury to the knee. Usually do more leg muscle exercises to reduce the bearing capacity of the knee as much as poBasketball knee injury  I have had it beforessibleHow big is the injury of playing basketball to the knee
In addition to basketball shoes, many basketball fans do not wear basketball equipment, such as protective equipment, or even have no habit of wearing protective equipment. It is for the above reasons that our knee joint injury intensifies. Although we have no good conditionsWhat is the pain of playing basketball knee for a long time, and how to carry out recovery training
May cause medial or lateral collateral ligament injury. The medial collateral ligament injury accounts for the vast majority in clinic. Taking this kind of injury as an example, the patient will have a clear history of trauma, such as pain and tenderness in the inside of the knee joint, increased pain in the passive abduction of the leg, swelling in the inside of the knee, and ecchymosis in a few days. Knee movement will be limitedWhen playing ball, I accidentally strained the inverted ligament in my knee. I can walk all the time. The third day
Considering your situation, the possibility of medial collateral ligament injury of the knee joint is high, and it generally needs to be fixed for about 2 weeks. It is suggested that the crutch is not fully loaded during fixation, and the knee joint flexion and extension exercise should be strengthened after the fixation is removed. At present, the quadriceps femoris muscle strength exercise is feasible. I Basketball knee injury  I have had it beforewish you a speedy recoveryI sprained my knee playing basketball. It hurts inside
It is recommended that you stay in bed and hold the crutch when you go down to prevent the ankle from bearing weight. You should not move too early and rest for more than two weeks. After injury, apply cold compress immediately. Do not apply hot compress. Do not use local rubbing. If necessary, use plaster or splint for fixation. If cold compress is within 6 hours, apply hot compress after 6 hours
Basketball knee injury I have had it before

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